Kira Grennan

Constructions & Obstructions @ Tower Hill

February 6th-27th, 2015

Curated by Abby King, this show featured artwork by fellow PAFA alumni: Matthew Herzog, Virginia Fleming, Kira Grennan, Elizabeth Hamilton, Marie Manski, Scott Schultheis, CJ Stahl, & Jeremy Uglow. A blurb from the catalog :

In creating artwork for this show, each artist was presented with an obstruction: a challenge, a limit, a constraint on their usual practice. In returning to an old artwork through that obstruction, they found a unique opportunity to create something truly new.

Each artist paired an older piece with one newly created using their obstruction. Mine, for example, was: “You must recreate a model that no longer exists. Additionally, taking a queue from your other artwork, you must construct this piece using only language.” This was a huge challenge – in my last year of grad school I found myself with two parallel practices: ‘word drawings’ on one hand and sculptural models on the other, which I would construct and then photograph. The results of the obstruction challenge are below↓


Written (2015)