Kira Grennan

Kira Grennan

Wing Road

Wing Road These photos are taken from a paper and cardboard construction of my childhood home.

When making this model of the Wing Road house, I was interested in translucency and the layering of materials–of seeing through one surface to another one to arrive at complexity within a single form or space. The pattern of layering and occlusion parallels the way we experience spaces we move through every day, seeing one room or corner through a series of doorway, windows, or curtains. Although our domestic contexts become familiar to us through repetition, particular moments or views can continuously surprise us with their strangeness, creating a sense of disorientation.

The darkness of the photos felt like the moment when you sneak downstairs at night as a child to a room that your family lives in during the daytime–something about it feels secret and strange.

Stitch_2013 copy
Living Room