Kira Grennan

Brooklyn Room

This collage of a friend in our shared Brooklyn apartment is one of the last I made in this series. I was interested in experimenting with making flat spaces like the floor more dynamic through color and shape shifts – something I always found challenging in painting still lives.

Floating Words

Floating Words was made after a trip to Savannah with some friends in 2011. During our stay the news broke that a magnitude 9 earthquake had hit northeastern Japan, causing a devastating tsunami. The words & numbers transcribed in the background here are names of the towns hit hardest and the[…]

Interior, the Chancellor

This interior of an apartment I lived in is one of the more drawing-forward collages in the series. I enjoyed the way the lines and washes worked without feeling the need to cover them with too much paper or colors. A balance between breathing space and filled in information. This is another piece[…]

Upstairs, 57th Street

Upstairs, 57th Street shows my father sitting in a restaurant in New York. I was struck by the quality of the space–up high above the street level in such a dense city, it gave the sense of floating. Here again, trying to strike a balance between covering up the paper with[…]

Sunlight, One Wing Road

Sunlight, One Wing Road was the first collage I made in this manner – using magazine scraps over a foundational drawing. I found making collages gave me less control over the resulting image and allowed strange / involuntary things to happen with scale, proportion, and perspective in the spaces I was creating, which I[…]

Rittenhouse Square

This collage of Rittenhouse was one of the largest in the series – challenging in terms of finding large enough patches of color in my source magazines. It started with a loose drawing made on a bright day in the park. I started to experiment here with having disjunctive images (of[…]