Kira Grennan

Doubleshot Coffee

A little fictional branding for Doubleshot Coffee, a café in my brain / Philadelphia.

The Clay Studio

The Clay Studio, established in 1974 as a non-profit educational institution, is a community exhibition and work space in Philadelphia. The clay studio is dedicated to promoting the ceramic arts and artists. It has an eclectic range of shows as well as offering ceramics classes to the Philadelphia community.

Little Berlin

Little Berlin is an artist-run collective and gallery space in the Kensington neighborhood. The building was originally a textile mill, and the open / industrial feel of the place remains. It is run by about 10 people, and the members rotate through the years. Unlike a traditional artist cooperative, they[…]

Locks Gallery

Locks Gallery, on Washington Square in Philadelphia, shows the work of key artists of the 20th century (Robert Motherwell, Louise Bougeois, Louise Nevelson to name a few) as well as both established and emerging contemporary working artists. Locks works to have a particularly strong relationship with Philadelphia-area artists.

Vox Populi

This illustration is of Vox Populi, an artist collective and exhibition space founded in 1988 in the Callowhill neighborhood of Philadelphia. Vox Populi shows work of under-represented artists with monthly exhibitions and programming including gallery talks, performances, and lectures.