Kira Grennan

Ellsworth Kitchen

This drawing, Ellsworth Kitchen, was made as a part of a series of interiors in my first year of grad school. The clutter of the oddly shaped kitchen in our South Philly apartment made for a dense subject, full of spatial possibilities.

Gold Chair

Gold Chair is a part of the interior drawing series I made in my first year of grad school. I was interested in the way doors and windows give access to further spaces, creating complex interiors.

Bob’s House

This interior drawing is part of a series of charcoal drawings that I made early on in grad school. I was taken by the different geometric shapes stacked up and leaning against one another in a friend’s small living room.


This sculpture, Written was my first attempt to bridge the gap between the paper models I have been constructing & photographing and my word drawings. Much of the text is my transcription of letters sent between my grandmother and grandfather on the eve of World War II, when they had just first[…]

Fall, word drawing

Another word drawing in the series of these drawings, Fall is composed of two columns made up of multiple small squares of repeated handwritten words sewn together with white thread. These words come from texts I was reading and the journals I was keeping at the time.

The Clay Studio

The Clay Studio, established in 1974 as a non-profit educational institution, is a community exhibition and work space in Philadelphia. The clay studio is dedicated to promoting the ceramic arts and artists. It has an eclectic range of shows as well as offering ceramics classes to the Philadelphia community.

Vox Populi

This illustration is of Vox Populi, an artist collective and exhibition space founded in 1988 in the Callowhill neighborhood of Philadelphia. Vox Populi shows work of under-represented artists with monthly exhibitions and programming including gallery talks, performances, and lectures.  

Rebekah Templeton Contemporary Art

Rebekah Templeton Contemporary Art, founded in 2007, exhibits innovative contemporary art in a wide range of media. Located on Girard Avenue in Philadelphia, the gallery holds bimonthly exhibitions to show work by emerging artists from the area as well as national and international artists.

Gallery Joe

This illustration is of Gallery Joe’s now former location in Old City – the gallery is currently moving to a new location.  Gallery Joe specializes in contemporary drawing on paper by emerging and mid-career artists .