Kira Grennan

Garlic Teacup

Oil painting of a teacup, garlic bulb and chestnut resting on a small bookcase.


In Separate and the other paintings in this series, I hoped to disturb the typically static arrangement of a still life. My objects, contrary to the implications embedded in the phrase ‘still life,’ seem to be trying to escape their surroundings; they are often in, or on the brink of, motion. The nesting of[…]

Berkshire Corner, Still Life

Berkshire Corner is one still life in a series I explored at the beginning of grad school. One of things I spend the most time on in these still life paintings is the first step–putting together and arranging the objects. I try to be sensitive to their dynamics and watch for opposing[…]

Grapefruit Stripes

Grapefruit Stripes is one in a series of still lives I explored at the beginning of grad school. I wanted to set the composition off-kilter here and make what was happening below the surface of the table laid out in a way that traditional or accurate perspective would not allow.  This was[…]


Kiwis is one in a series of still lives I explored at the beginning of grad school. I was looking at a lot of Japanese woodblock prints and thinking about the potential power of negative space or absence in a composition. This was another of the first few paintings on paper I[…]

Duo, Oranges

Duo, Oranges is another still life I made during early grad school. The tension of object and space relationships in my paintings is based on the juxtaposition of static and mobile energies. The relationships between objects often seem to bear psychological weight. A pear pressed up against the side of a bowl seeking[…]

Mango Corner

Mango Corner is another still life on paper in the early grad school series of paintings. Taken with the pattern of the cloth, I wanted to make it flatter and more decorative than my naturalistic observational training encouraged. The crowding of the objects in a corner gave me the challenge and[…]

Golden Apple

Golden Apple is another in the series of still lives I painted at the beginning of grad school. This one on canvas, I was interested in exploring the underside of a piece of furniture. Usually we see still lives displayed on the top of a table, but I wanted to[…]