Kira Grennan


This sculpture, Written was my first attempt to bridge the gap between the paper models I have been constructing & photographing and my word drawings. Much of the text is my transcription of letters sent between my grandmother and grandfather on the eve of World War II, when they had just first[…]

Burn Project

Burn project involved taking the models I had made in my studio and walking with them through the streets of Philly. We set each on fire in a different location, and documented what happened. I am conscious of working in a realm where the ideas of presence and embodiment are entangled[…]

Wing Road

When making this model of the Wing Road house, I was interested in translucency and the layering of materials–of seeing through one surface to another one to arrive at complexity within a single form or space. The pattern of layering and occlusion parallels the way we experience spaces we move through every day, seeing one room or corner through[…]

Richmond Road

For this construction of my grandparents’ house on Richmond Road in Oxford, I relied on my hazy memory of the space and a book of old photos. I was interested to try to fill in the gaps in this source material I was using – and to see what the[…]