I am a visual artist who has been working in the user experience/web field since 2016.

I wound my way to UX through long-form writing and web content management. I’ve worked in hybrid research, design, strategy and content roles. My research incorporates qualitative and quantitative methods; I enjoy the challenge of looking for a story behind quantitative data and finding creative ways to visualize and interpret it. Overall, I love working with my team to explore users’ needs and design appealing, useful products and information.

UX skills + experience

  • Information architecture
  • Research (user research and market/third-party)
  • Prototypes and wireframes
  • Journey maps
  • Content strategy

I am currently open to both full-time and freelance projects. Please get in touch if you’d like to work together or have a conversation!


In my freelance work I have created

  • presentations and guides
  • brochures
  • logos, business cards
  • illustrations

See some examples of my graphic design and illustration work.

Kira Grennan UX resume


LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/kira-grennan/

Or send me a note below!