Drawings and Paintings

Much of the drawing and painting I’ve done concerns interior spaces and objects. Here are a few examples from my time at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.


I’ve always been fascinated by the way people create and inhabit their home spaces. I made this series of charcoal drawings of apartments in Philadelphia.

Still lives

In my first year of art school, I explored painting pieces of fruit and other objects in relation to one another. In painting still lives, I am painting relationships: fraught, volatile, awkward, or joyful, I think of the objects as characters in their own narrative.

In Separate and the other paintings in this series, I hoped to disturb the typically static arrangement of a still life. My objects are often in, or on the brink of, motion. The nesting of objects within bowls, plates, and cups as well as their unexpected physical elevation within their environment plays into this impending sense of movement. I like playing with the tension that separation or sudden closeness can create.